Winter Skin Care- Summer to Winter

Most people living in the West live here because we like the outdoors. With COVID-19 it’s no coincidence that we saw record sales in boats, campers and outdoor activities like no summer before. With all that fun in the sun, it's also assumed much time wasn’t spent applying sunscreen and a sun burn or two occurred. Winter is the best time to undo all that sun damage and give our skin some much needed R&R. 


Women in particular can experience a medical condition called Melasma which is pigmentation changes in the skin often associated with pregnancy or hormonal changes. This often gets worse during summer months from the sun exposure and heat. Besides Melasma, many clients experience sun spots and broken blood vessels with habitual sun exposure and winter is a great time to treat these conditions. At the Idaho Skin Institute we have a wide range of reliable treatment options for pigmentation including Laser treatments, Microneedling, Hydrafacial and skin care regimens that can turn back the clock and leave clients with a much more even and satisfying skin complexion. Likewise, we offer various treatment options for various budgets. 


Topical Treatments: Various topical treatments containing Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, Hydroquinoine and Non-Hydroquinoine Brighteners and Retinols can be an affordable way to clear up complexion and lessen the appearance of not only brown spots but fine lines and wrinkles and redness as well. The Idaho Skin Institute offers various Medical Grade skin care lines and prescriptions to fit any patients needs and consultations are FREE!


More aggressive treatment options: Ranging from chemical peels to microneedling to various laser options, the Idaho Skin Institute prides itself on offering the newest and greatest options for what our patients may need. With the advances of technology we are finding more and more procedures to offer clients that are affordable and offer far less downtime in comparison to 10 years ago. Chemical peels that are meant to only peel with your natural skin cell cycle vs peeling sheets of skin, Microneedling procedures that leave you looking mildly pink like a sunburn for 24-48 hours instead of the scary bloody faces you have seen (Thanks Kardashians). All of which are made extremely comfortable with medical grade topical numbing and medical grade aftercare. 


Any of the above treatments are much easier to tolerate during the winter months when we aren’t out playing. This is why I cycle my clients to go have fun in the summer and let me take care of cleaning the slate come winter. I just make sure to send them out with Elta MD, ZO Skin Health or Skin Better Science sunscreen. Come into the Idaho Skin Institute and let’s chat about how we can serve you!

Kascie Russell, RN

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