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What Is Agnes RF And How Does It Work?

Agnes Radiofrequency (RF) is now widely used in aesthetic practices for minimally invasive dermatological procedures.  After the approval from the US FDA in 2017, Agnes RF has been adopted to Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and Aesthetic Practices in the US as the backbone technology of non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

Over two decades of research and clinical studies have led to the development of using Agnes RF in many different procedures. Needles of different lengths and configurations allow the customization of treatment based on the patient’s unique needs. 

Agnes RF (radiofrequency) is a microneedling service that uses radio frequency to target specific problem areas. The needle’s depth is specially designed to target specific problem areas and has an insulated coating for protecting other areas and layers of the skin, which results in less downtime during recovery than traditional microneedling techniques.

At Idaho Skin Institute we use Agnes RF for a range of different treatments, primarily in cosmetic dermatology services such as neck/chin contouring and treating the under-eye area for heavy bags under the eyes. The results are dramatic and significantly improve appearance in these areas of the face. Improvement can be seen after just one treatment, adding an element of efficiency and expediency to this method.

Agnes is a non-surgical alternative that is becoming more and more popular in dermatology and certainly is garnering lots of excitement at our clinics. We love it!

How Agnes RF Microneedling Works

The Agnes RF is a new and revolutionary approach to facial contouring without surgery – thank you technology! When your doctor or dermatologist uses Agnes RF in treatments, a precision single/triple-needle system delivers energy to the skin or fat tissue to produce heat. This focused heat reduces unwanted fat and contracts the skin. This works by inserting a needle directly into the wrinkle, fat pad, or acne follicle and using the radiofrequency machine to trigger the exact number of pulses needed for the particular area being treated.

Radiofrequency is based on electrical conductivity, which means it has a positive and negative pole. When using Agnes RF, the heat generated comes from the resistance of the skin as the energy travels between the two poles. This creates a type of heating and energy transfer that triggers the production of new collagen, influencing the tightening of the skin.

The targeted energy treats the skin regardless of skin color type, and patients have seen improvement in bags under the eyes, tightening up of the skin overall (working to reduce the appearance of fine lines and acne), and best of all, with minimal downtime for recovery. In our practice we have seen amazing results across several different treatment areas – in everything from marionette lines, fatty tissue around the jowl, to neck and chin areas of the face, bags under the eyes, the list goes on – Agnes RF is truly revolutionary for cosmetic dermatology.

What to Expect During Your Treatment

The exact treatment depends on which area of the skin is being targeted. Generally speaking, a topical numbing cream is applied before your treatment to increase your comfort level, and areas to be treated are marked and then numbed with an anesthetic. This treatment does involve some minimal discomfort and patients will experience some redness afterwards that can persist for about 24-48 hours, although many people don’t experience this level of redness and have little to no discoloration after just a few hours post treatment.

Swelling and minimal bruising of treated areas is normal and to be expected for a few days (up to a week). The level of recovery and downtime after your treatment will, of course, depend on the area of skin being targeted; the smaller the treatment area, the easier the downtime will be. A series of 1-3 treatments may be needed (depending on the amount of volume/contouring needed), but often only one treatment is required to see dramatic improvement. When it comes to acne treatments, we usually will recommend that you return to the office in 24 to 48 hours for further treatment or check ups. For the treatment of deep wrinkles and bags under the eye, recovery time can last up to two weeks. During the first week, you may experience some swelling and redness. After this, the redness and swelling will subside over the next few days. Try using an ice pack to help with the swelling and discomfort during this recovery period.

You should avoid/be cautious wearing makeup for at least a day or two following your treatment, ideally, it is nice to let your skin rest as long as possible following your treatment. We recommend three days to one week of downtime for your skin where you minimize applying skincare products and cosmetics. Minimal makeup may be applied the following day, but it’s best to avoid putting anything on your skin if you can.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Often just one treatment will give the maximum benefit, particularly for small treatment areas. However certain conditions such as acne may require additional follow up treatments and visits to the clinic. Treatments are scheduled three to six months after your first treatment for wrinkles or bags under the eye. For acne, treatment is usually scheduled six weeks after your initial treatment.

To learn more about Agnes RF, schedule a free consultation at Idaho Skin Institute

Important Consideration: The use of Agnes for any aesthetic procedures in the US is considered an off-label procedure. Approved as a general clearance and no indication for any specific procedures under US FDA.


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